Brain Fitness is a small group activity that provide your child a good foundation and a building blocks for sharp brain. This program focus on activities that stimulate the senses.  This sensory world experience introduces your child to a rich whole body activities that makes their brain smart with creative and enjoyable environment to encourage learning, adaptability and development.


Baby Fit

This fun class is a parent and me time enjoying the adventure of sensory experiences. This is an opportunity for your kids to enhance their overall sensory system which is the basic foundation of learning. Our program will stimulate the senses and help your child develop. As young as they are, parents will have a bright ideas on the toys and skills of their child that their child should enjoy in a fun and amazing way.


Age range: 9 mos. to 1 ½ y/obaby-fit

Time:  30 minutes

Number of students: Maximum of 6

Objective of the Program:

  • Strengthen parent-child bonding
  • Enhance body awareness through music and movements
  • Assist sensory and brain development
  • Assist language stimulation
  • Assist play and social development
  • Develop motoric skills


Stepping Up

This program will enhance your child confidence and working independently in doing structured and unstructured variety of learning activities. Variety of activities will be introduce such as cooking, arts and crafts, beginning sports activitiy and strengthen their manipulative skills.Your child will experience the wonder of sensory play in a fun way that is also a part of their learning.  Program is linked to an age- appropriate activities and will focus on sensory stimulation. We believe that children learn best when they are engaged in activities involving all their senses.


steping-upAge range: 2  to 3 ½ y/o

Time:  45  minutes

Number of students: Maximum of 6

Objective of the Program:

  • Learn to be independent
  • Create environmental awareness through play opportunity
  • Develop social skills
  • Assist sensory and brain development
  • Build confidence and independence
  • Facilitate social interaction
  • Develop Motoric skills


Busy Fingers

This program is organized to develop handwriting skill in a unique learning objectives. Kids will enhance  Pre-writing essential leading to a good handwriting skills.  The program focus on the foundation for fluency in print writing such as posture, pencil grasp, visual concepts, fine motor development to achieve success in writing.


3-5Age range: 3 ½  to 5 ½ y/o

Time:  1  hour

Number of students: Maximum of 6

Objective of the program:

  • To develop core muscles
  • To develop proper pencil grasp
  • Learn spatial awareness and multisensory guide
  • to improve directionality concepts and position skills
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • To develop print writing