There is a growing need for kids to be tech savy both in school and at home. SMART Tec introduces the functional skills of pratical programs to meet the educational growing demands in schooling children, so as to allow advancement in technology usage. SMART Tech recognised that children needs to be reponsible internet users and advocates internet safety and responsibility, beyond the classroom. SMART Tech continously research on software and apps that brings educational enrichment in childrens’ learning in a fun and safe environment.


Age: 5 to 10 years

Typing Expert

  • Understanding the keyboard, How to go to printsmart-2
  • Basic to touch typing
  • Introduction to Microsoft powerpoint functions
  • Presenting with Microsoft powerpoint based on a chosen topic

Microsoft Word

  • Testing touch typing selected text under pressure
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word functions
  • Searching relevant information on internet for Research based newsletter
  • Writing a newsletter based on a theme

Microsoft Excel

  • Importance of excel
  • Functions for practical everyday usage
  • Creating graphs, pie charts, line curves
  • Usage in context of practical maths in Science and Money Maths

Age: 10 to 12 years

Imagination Class 1 smarttech-2
(With Adobe Photoshop)

  • Functions of Photoshop for practical everyday usage
  • Basic Editing with Photoshop
  • Fun Design Project  (making poster, book cover, digital painting)

Imagination Class 2 
(With Adobe Illustrator)

  • Functions of Illustrator for drawing
  • Fun Design Project  (making a card, packaging, digital painting)